Missouri Carpet Color Restoration

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Dyeing / Spot Dyeing / Color Restoration

There will be times when the value of the carpet is still intact as far as the construction goes, yet the total value is greatly diminished by discoloration. This could be a quarter sized spot in the middle of the room or perhaps sunfade or disorption over a large area. These situations are correctable with the prudent use of dyes. Always, we will attempt to make the slightest change to achieve a total result. Or in the case of spots, to the original color.

Color Restoration or Management is something that is becoming more feasible with the ever increasing quality of the fiber. Carpet color by its nature, gradually fades, so that you won’t see the impact as in the case of spots and sunfades, yet the color isn’t what was originally installed. This service is done on a quarterly or semi annual basis to insure color integrity.

All three of these services are offered to protect the investment that is in the carpet. We realize that it is much more cost effective not to install new carpet if at all possible.

Your business is important to us and we want to make sure you are happy clients that we can establish a long term relationship with.